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Coturri, Red Wine North Coast (NV)

Coturri, Red Wine North Coast (NV)

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Producer:  Coturri
Grapes:  Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Merlot, Sangiovese, and Zinfandel
Geography: California, United States
Appellation: North Coast
Features:  Organic, Biodynamic


A rustic, funky red made with a blend of California heritage varieties by one of the state's more idiosyncratic winemakers. The Coturri winery is located in Sonoma County and sources its fruit from there and neighboring areas of California, always seeking fruit grown without pesticides. All hand harvested, pesticide-free grapes fermented with native yeast in neutral oak barrels. No filtering or fining is done at the winery ever and nothing has any additives, including no sulfite additions. Tony says it will “challenge your palate.”

This wine used to be called Sandocino, but was renamed in honor of Tony’s father. It is a perpetual blend containing wines from each vintage back to 2010. Think of it like a continuous kombucha culture. All hand harvested grapes fermented with native yeast in neutral oak barrels.

Harry “Red” Coturri made wine with his father, Enrico, in San Francisco during prohibition. In turn he shared this activity with his sons, Tony and Phil, eventually founding an official winery in 1979. The winery is now operated by Tony, who has been making fully non-interventionist, natural wines since 1964. He was panned by critics for it, including the (in)famous Robert Parker for making ‘flawed’ wines but has always stuck to his principles and time has caught up with the Coturri way. He is now seen as a pioneer of the natural wine movement in California.


Coturri Description

​Coturri Winery is located above the town of Glen Ellen in the appellation of Sonoma Mountain.  The winery was founded in 1979 by Harry "Red" Coturri and his sons, Tony and Phil. Red began making wine with his father, Enrico Coturri in San Francisco during Prohibition and the Great Depression who immigrated to America from Farneta, Italy in 1901. Today, Tony Coturri is the custodian of the wine made at Coturri Winery and remains true to the methods of his predecessors and his lineage. Since 1964, Tony has made natural wine that includes the process of natural yeast fermentation, no sulfites, aging in oak barrels, and always with grapes from organic vineyards. Coturri wines consist of just grapes, pure and simple.