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Fontefico, Vino Bianco Dire Bere Baciare (2019)

Fontefico, Vino Bianco Dire Bere Baciare (2019)

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Producer: Fontefico
Category: Wine - Still - White
Grape: Malvasia
Region Abruzzo, Italy

“Dire bere baciare” is a particular wine, away from conventional patterns: an aromatic white wine macerated
on its own skins for ten days. It suggests from the potpourri to the green tea. We produce it only in certain vintages,
and this makes it even more unique.

Unfiltered wine

 About the Producer

In 1996 Nicola and Emanuele Altieri gave life to Fontefico, an old estate of 15 hectares of vines from the beginning of the last century, located on the beautiful Gulf of Vasto, on the coast in Abruzzo. The two brothers began to experiment on different vineyards of the estate using micro-vinifications, always with the aim to obtain a pure fruit. After ten years of research and trials, they decided to bring the different expressions of Fontefico to the market, producing only 15,000 bottles, making wine from only 3 of the 15 hectares available. Fontefico is now an organic boutique winery that points to an exceptional quality with a focus on producing highly territorial wines from the local Montepulciano and Pecorino varieties. In addition, after several years of soil research, it was found that a small parcel of land was also suitable for the planting of Aglianico. So now Fontefico produces just 5 wines to bear witness to a great selection and the various facets of a particular territory: the Pecorino Superiore, the Cerasuolo Superiore, the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, the Titinge Montepulciano Riserva, and the wonderful Costetoste Aglianico. Vigorous wines, characterized by high acidity and deep fruit. All from hills just a few hundred meters from the sea. Fontefico is a small winery that has now established itself in niche markets in Italy and abroad, and already present in markets as diverse as America and Asia, beside Europe.

“Making wine is not easy. Making your ideal wine is a dream. When we started we had only one goal in mind, to drink a wine which we would truly love and so would our friends. Now we are drinking a glass of Fontefico and we realize that sometimes dreams can come true” - (Nicola and Emanuele Altieri).