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Fossi Rosso

Fossi Rosso

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Producer: Fossi
Category: Wine - Still - Red
Grapes: Sangiovese, Merlot, and Negroamaro
Region: Tuscany, Italy
Appellation: Toscana


Grape Varietal : Sangiovese, Merlot and Negroamaro.

Fermentation : destemmed and softly pressed / must ferments in stainless-steel tank for 15- 20 days.


At the beginning of last century started the history of Fossi’s wine business. Duilio Fossi, still a boy, was keenly following in the footsteps of his father who for many years was involved in the wine trade in Tuscany. Around 1910, while not yet twenty years old, Duilio took over the operation of the small family business known as CHIANTI FOSSI. With passion, sacrifices and intense effort he increased and expanded the business and his circle of clients for the distribution of Chianti in Italy and abroad. Such was his determination and passion for the distribution of the Fossi wines that Duilio loaded, unloaded and distributed his wines personally, often traveling overnight to destinations many miles away to accomplish his endeavors. After a few years, with the help of his brother, he expanded his business interest to Trieste, Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria and Verona.

With the passing of the years, Duilio’s interests turned towards the commercial aspects of marketing esteemed wines. Under the guidance of the Consorzio of Chianti Classico, he concentrated his efforts on the refined selection and aging of wine in wood cask.

Duilio’s son, Gianfranco who hold a doctorate in chemistry, worked alongside him since the late 40’s and exhibits his father’s love for the rigorous selection and aging of Chianti Classico.

He acquires his wine from trusted zones of his own selection, including the Siena area, and the Chianti he produces is one of the highest esteemed Chiantis of the Gallo Nero.

Gianfranco’s younger son, Andrea has been managing the family business for the last 30 years.

Andrea’s first wine experience dates back to the mid-60’s when, while still a child, he travelled around the country with his grandfather tasting wines. He worked in the cellar, as did many other young members of the family, during summer vacations from school. He was however, the only one to continue to work in the family business. Once he had finished his studies, he started to work full time in the cellar alongside his father and grandfather. In 1981, Andrea worked for several months in a wine shop in Washington, D.C. This gave him the opportunity to gain knowledge of the U.S. market. He sold his wines while in the store, as well as other wines that he had tasted and liked. He also gained experience in the buying and selling of wines to wholesalers during this time.

After this initial experience of working in the U.S., he came to understand how important the U.S. market was for his family business, he continues to visit the United States two times per year to help market the wines of his family.

Importation of Fossi wines to the United States dates back to 1940 when Duilio sold the 1929 vintage of Chianti Fossi to wholesalers in New York.

Now Fossi is expanding his variety of wines from area even outside of Chianti, including best vintages of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, white wines from Veneto as well as nice reds from Apulia like Primitivo.

In 2013 Niccolò (4th generation) went in his first business trip to the US promoving his brand in particular D & N created to commemorate the 100 years between Duilio and himself (1892-1992).

My personal goal will be to give a remarkable touch of this true story in any of my wines.