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Mastro di Baglio, Allaria (2022)

Mastro di Baglio, Allaria (2022)

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Producer: Mastro di Baglio
Category: Wine - Still - White
Grape: Grillo
Region: Sicily, Italy
Appellation: Terre Siciliane


About the Producer
Mastro di Baglio are a team of five young winegrowers from Marsala, united by their love for nature and their desire to enhance the legacy of their families’ ancient farming tradition. The climate is mild and the terroir is extraordinary.

The symbol of their company is the " Baglio ".

Born in western Sicily as a "fortified farm", this building typology was widely spread in the Marsalese countryside between the 18th and 19th centuries. Built in parallel with the development of the wine economy, the baglio was at the same time the home of peasant families and wine cellars. The "Mastro di Baglio" was the keeper of an ancient wisdom, handed down for generations; they directed the entire winemaking process, respecting the times and laws of nature.

In their vineyards they use no irrigation, no chemical herbicides or synthetic plant protection, only sulfur and copper fungicides (limited to two or three treatments per year). The protection of biodiversity, the empathic relationship with our lands and the knowledge of our vineyards, one by one, is their strength.

Their wine cellar was built almost a century ago for domestic wine production, it has been recently renovated and equipped with the most modern technologies, such as stainless steel vats with temperature control system.