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Menat Menate Zero

Menat Menate Zero

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Producer: Menat
Country: Italy
Region: Calabria
Year: 2020
Grapes: Gaglioppo
Aging: Aging in steel
Alcohol Content: 13%
Style Of Wine: Medium bodied and scented
Philosophy: Biodynamic
Allergens: Contains sulfites

An intense cherry rosé wine. Nose of frank and vinous fruit, framboise with hints of saltiness. Sapid and juicy mouth.

The Menate is a rosé wine to drink without worries, because if you can talk for hours about a glass of wine, but in the end it is the bottle that empties in 5 minutes that makes it clear that the path is the right one. It comes from Gaglioppo grapes that come from 3 different vineyards located in mixed soils (marl-clayey, clay, blue-gray clay with sandstone) with a training system mostly spurred cordon, (sapling on the part with clay). The grapes, in the cellar, are mostly de-stemmed, part of the whole bunch for 4-5 days in spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel and Georgian kvevri, aging in stainless steel and fiberglass. Unfiltered, without additives of anything.

About the Producer
Nicola, after years dedicated to the importation of Georgian artisanal wines and the selection of coffee and other products in Latin America, moved to Mexico, and it is here where Michele, a longtime friend, visits him and proposes to reorganize the Michele's grandfather's winery and vineyards, located in the municipality of San Nicola dell'Alto, in the Ionian part of Calabria. The two begin to work to create a real ‘marani’ (Georgian-style cellar) in the country, and the Menat project is born, with the first vintage 2018. adds Gianni Lonetti, a passionate winemaker of the area, and with the following year Roldano Bitto, cook and oenologist. The conception of winemaking learned in Georgia and the choice to apply a serious biodynamic thanks to the help of the agronomist Michele Lorenzetti are the basis of the project. Three wines produced up until now all gathered together by the lightness and from the ease of drinking, a reference point for the wines of the group, which is why they opt for the total absence of exogenous products, including sulfur dioxide