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Menaud - 'Camerise' Haskap Berry Gin Liqueur

Menaud - 'Camerise' Haskap Berry Gin Liqueur

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Menaud Camerise is a local liqueur in Quebec made from a salty gin infused with haskap berries grown by the Bhérer family in Charlevoix. The berries were cold pressed prior to being added to the beverage. Tonic’s BFF.
Menaud is a terroir-driven distillery, and the idea was inspired by a literary character from Felix Antoine-Savad.

The blend for this gin is 75% wheat and 25% rye.

Menaud is the first distillery/microbrewery in the Charlevoix region.

Pairs with:
Serving with tonic in a flute.
Merriment of any and all kinds.
A riff on a slow gin fizz.