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Oenogenesis, Pangeon Mataroa Nautical Assyrtiko Dry White Wine

Oenogenesis, Pangeon Mataroa Nautical Assyrtiko Dry White Wine

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Producer: Oenogenesis
Category: Wine - Still - White
Grape: Assyrtiko
Region: Macedonia, Greece
Appellation: Pangeon
Alcohol by volume: 12.0%
Features: Orange wine


Mataroa Nautical is a meticulous vinification of the Assyrtiko variety, farmed organically in seaside vineyards of northern mainland Greece where the grape found its second home.


A large 4,000 sq m castle-house, inspired architecturally by the Old Macedonian Mansions, is our place. It is located between Doxato and the Adriani of the Prefecture of Drama. Five buildings united, structured in three levels.

The ground floor functions as a production-bottling and storage space. It is structured to facilitate the works of the winery and is fully equipped with the most modern winemaking tools: sorting carpet, excavator, pneumatic press, stainless pre-cryogenic extraction tanks for white and rosé wines, stainless fermentation tanks and stabilization with controlled system Cooling. A total of 42 tanks totaling 400,000 liters with a maximum production of 250,000 liters of wine per year. As a natural continuity of the tank space, the bottling area is independent. The automatic bottling machine includes a bottle washing system, filling with ready-made wine and natural cork placement. The bottles are placed in large pallets in the storage area.

A few days later, they are led to the capsule placement and tagging machine in the bottles, packed in paper crates and kept at a controlled temperature until the time they were transported.

In the basement there are the wine-growing areas divided into two sections.

In the first one there is the aging area in oak barrels. Each liter of 225 liters gives the red and some white wines the beneficial properties of wood. Ideal aging conditions with stable temperature and humidity prevail in the room.

A little further outside was the Winegrowing area with a view of the collection of collectible bottles. It has an audiovisual system and features of modern technology. The visitor is informed about the entire life of a bottle from birth to the time of its consumption. A small but interesting venue for conferences and similar events.

In the second section are the cellars. Small wine-cellars with shelves of approximately 25 bottles to keep private collections.

The gastronomy hall under construction will shed light on the philosophy of the Estate, validating the delicious balance of wine and food. On the first floor, with its impressive sheds, is the multipurpose hall. Fully organised to host major human moments, events of scientific interest and banquets.