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Sete, Chupa Cabra (2020)

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Grapes: Ottonese, Trebbiano, and Moscato
Notes: Fermented in fiberglass with 2-day maceration. Unfined, unfiltered, no added SO2

About the Winemaker
Priverno, Lazio region, one hundred kilometres in the south of Rome, halfway between Naples and the eternal city. Close to the Monti Lepini, between the Agro Pontino and the Ciociaria area, a few kilometres from the Circeo National Park. We are in the Amaseno river valley, today a land of broccoletti, artichokes, Itrana olives, and buffalo farms. On the sidelines, hidden and forgotten, the vines, those that resist. With the collapse of the agricultural economy, many vineyards have been explanted or abandoned. They remain, precious, small particles of old vineyards rich in biodiversity, with fruit trees and aromatic herbs that grow spontaneously.

The Amaseno river valley. Starting from the left clockwise: Priverno and the Monti Seiani, the Monti Lepini, Roccagorga, Maenza and Roccasecca dei Volsci. Sete is an agricultural, social and cultural project born in 2013, our mission is to save that old Vineyard remaining in the Amaseno river valley, precisely in the territory of the municipalities of Priverno, Roccagorga, Maenza and Roccasecca dei Volsci. Our mission is to valorise the native vines varieties, recovering and vinifying separately the grapes of each single vineyard particle. We want to cultivate the land in harmony with nature and tell throughout its wines the stories of the place where we were born and where we grew up, the land where we came back and where we decided to stay.