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Subject to Change Tasty Waves Piquette Sparkling

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Grape: Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Hopland < Mendocino County < CA

Vineyard/cellar stats: Certified organic farming; Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc grape pomace rehydrated with water, then blended with 40% rose before adding in honey before bottling to kick start refermentation; stays chilled for a month and then is racked and bottled under crown cap, unfined, unfiltered and untouched. No sulfur is harmed in the making of this wine; zero-zero; 10% ABV; 230 cases

Winemaker: Alex Pomerantz

We've been working with the Cali-natty wines from our friend Alex Pomerantz since he started Subject to Change a few years ago. We love his commitment to using only organic or biodynamic fruit (something not all “natural” winemakers insist on) and eschewing all additives, including added sulfites, in the wines. For him, it’s all about the pristine quality of the fruit, in this case an organic site outside of Hopland farmed by hand, by real people -- Mark Roggero and his foreman Jose.

We always love Alex's rundown on the wines. Of this new piquette, he says: “we used pomace we direct pressed for rose and white wine respectively, rehydrated it, added back 10% juice of those wines, and macerated that for 5 days and drained the free run to a tank. Then we added 2018 Rose (about 20%) and some local organic honey at bottling to give it a slight effervescence. We call it piquette from the technique, but it’s really as sturdy as a light red fizzy wine at 10% ABV - super fun to drink, should definitely be chilled."

We love piquette not only for its low ABV, refreshing qualities but also because it's super eco-friendly - after all, this is literally wine made from the scraps. Nothing wasted! This juicy, lightly fizzy wine is a unique co-ferment of both traditional rosé wine and the second pressing of the grape skins, which gives it more body and tannic structure than a straight piquette. This one is like a fun, frothy Lambrusco-type beverage, with tart fruit and ripping acidity to cut through fat and salt -- which makes it a perfect companion for happy hour with a cheese/salumi board, or pizza, or taco night.